Nyghtraven's picture

You should try selling donuts to tourists some time. "What's the difference between the cake slice and the cake cup?" It's hard to remember not to shoot the customers. Heh.

teh kid from mtl's picture
teh kid from mtl

this is why i try not to be an ignorant tourist... i prefer being the local answering the "wheres ur igloo" question with a sarcastic answer and then laughing my arse off when they believe it :D

~Baka~'s picture

Some people can't get past the idea of the original drawn style, (Such as less detail in the face, as well as the body.) Being any different.

Btw, I Lurv that inuyasha, how much was it to buy?
Although one criticism I'd have to put in would be the blade :o It's neither the size of a katana OR Tetsusaiga but I'd so buy it ^ ^ I love buying Artist panel artwork :O

Intyalle's picture

... your picture of Inu Yasha is much better.

jpic89's picture

...That's f@&*!#% awesome! I wish I could draw like that!

interwebman's picture


Alexie_Dennison's picture

Oh jeesus...
That's a fantastic drawing!
@ D @ I want it <3

ConnorElzaim's picture

'Honestly' I prefer your way of drawing him in general it seems and I think the series would of been a step more awesome drawn that way.

Maria E.'s picture
Maria E.

... Some people are just there to stink the air. XD

shikamello's picture

This is why I save my money at conventions for the artist's alley. There are so many talented people there and I love that I can buy all of this really awesome artwork. Most of my room is decorated with drawings I bought at cons, and at least 4 of them are all from webcomic artists. Webcomickers are the reason I love cons!

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