Why "Wasted Talent"?

Because it's the story of my life. What art talent I have is wasted in my engineering career; but had I pursued art, I would have wasted my engineering talent!

I've been drawing comics in some form or another since I was in grade three. When I got to engineering school, it all had to be put on hold. In 2004, I started drawing stupid little comics on spare sheets of looseleaf... mostly to de-stress and make my friends laugh. Eventually, the "Wasted Talent" section of my binder was crowding out my other notes! I decided to scan them all and put them online, on a simple site Trevor made for me, so my friends still had a place to find them.

This site has been online since February 2005. As I kept putting my comics online throughout my schooling, it turned out that there were others who liked my silly stories! After I graduated, I decided to start putting actual effort into the strips, mostly for the readers who had been so kind to my terrible art and supportive throughout the years, but also because I had really come to enjoy sharing my silly stories. These days, I update weekly on an undetermined day. I draw my comic on bristol, ink with brushes and microns, and colour with marker. I hope you enjoy my wasted talent!



Angela Melick


... was born in 1984. They live in Vancouver with their husband Trevor and no cats.