WT#404 /Back from NEWW!

Mar 23, 2009

Hey, team! I'm back from NEWW!! Like many others I'm still "reflecting upon and absorbing" the amazing experience. I'm working on a writeup, but for the time being I wanted to give a few shoutouts.

Thanks Randy and Danielle for letting me crash in your hotel room
Thanks Jeph for hooking me up with the afforementioned hotel opportunity
Thanks Sam for convincing me to go
Thanks Joel for being awesome and hanging out with me, especially during WW live!
Thanks Jorge for the ride to the airport
Thanks Scott for the most epic hug of the weekend

Lastly, Thanks Mer and Rich for pulling this all together. I know it wasn't *just* you two (there were some AMAZING people involved, let me tell you!), but you still deserve props. Without this event I would NEVER have been able to meet so many incredible people, more even than are on those lists!

WT #404 is up, and I know what I want to do for the next few comics, but there are some things I have to catch up on and take care of. Gonna try to take it easy this week, at least as easy as one can take things while moving and getting ready for ECCC. Oh! And Watercolour Portraits! That work will resume tonight.

I think I use the words amazing and awesome too much.


[Update] I'm still working on my writeup, but you should probably read Joel's, he said a lot of things I wanted to say but couldn't figure out how to say it! Me engineer no english so gud.