Writing Comics and other 2012 Events!

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great holiday! A new calendar year means getting 2011 things sorted and gearing up for 2012 events, and I'm excited to announce the first few of them!

First I'm doing a free lecture on Writing for Comics at the Vancouver Public Library! You should come it will be awesome.

[UPDATE]: The video of the lecture is now online! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYUX6XNGOdQ THANKS Broken CRT and 4Geeks media for doing the recording and editing for me :)

And it's only a few short weeks after that when we'll be in the full swing of convention season! Already! Oh my goodness. I can already announce that I'll be at Emerald City in Seattle, VanCAF in Vancouver and TCAF in Toronto. Still ironing out the details on some other ones, stay tuned!

Check out the Events page for a complete and up to date listing of events and details :) Thanks team, see you soon!


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Grammar nerd alert: "...what genres works best..." must be a typo.

Awesome that you're putting on a presentation, though! If I lived closer, I would definitely attend! I hope it goes well!

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I would be very happy if someone was to film the event, as I live on the other side of the globe but still am very curious as to what you have to teach us, Angela. :]

Hope you have a great time!

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