[webcomic] - Vancouver stalkerage spectacular!

Jan 22, 2007

So, on Saturday night I went out to the Vancouver Comics Jam, a monthly thing where a bunch of artists get toghether and draw comics! I dragged JJ there because, as I suspected, there were some extremely talented people there and, hence, I was extremely nervous.

Not to say JJ isn't extremely talented, I was super nervous meeting him the first time, but, y'know... devil you know, etc.

Anyway. I got the feeling that most of the people here were... *real* artists (you know... for serious) but JJ and I did manage to extract that some of them did put their comics on the internets.

So when I came home I made a point to track them down. D:! I'm a horrible stalker, I know, I can't help it!! I love comics and knowing they're local, it's a bit of a hobby of mine. I shall share a few of them now!

Jonathon Dalton is the first one I found (and in fact the one who pointed out VCJ to me!). I haven't poured through his entire archives (yet), but I love his current project: Lords of Death and Life.

Aside from his beautiful artwork (good lord, the attention to detail), I was immediately struck by his writing. I really need to pore through his work more closely to hope some of his writing skills rub off on me. The pacing and intrigue he manges to string through his comics amazes me. It's really like just dropping in on Aztec culture... he sure has done his research to do the period justice!! Again, not to belittle the artwork, I'm in love with the way he does speech bubbles with little swirls like an aztec painting (detail!!) and how the borders of the pages flow together so beautifully. *Swoon!!*

Jason Turner is next up on my stalkerage spectacular! He sat at the same table as me and JJ and Johnathan and is one cool cat :) I'm glad I got to find his webcomic, and though there isn't much readin' in his newest chapter of his newest project True Loves 2, There is much reading to be had on the rest of his site. I love True Loves 2 so far, though, Jason has a real flair for bold lines that I always admire in people's works... and he does his own lettering by hand, which is a feat I will probably never accomplish. Still, what REALLY stands out about Jason's work is the use of colour, which really quickly sets the mood. The panelling is also really unique in his strips, they add a really interesting pace to the reading.

Anyway, I guess that's it for tonight D:! I'm going to pore through the "friends" list of VCJ and hopefully bring you more comics of localites in the coming... whiles!?

Sincerely, your creepy-comicker-stalker-fish, Jam.

P.S, if you were wondering, in this comic, JJ drew panel 1, I drew panel 2, Johnathan drew panel 3, ??? drew panel 4 and Jason drew panel 5!