[webcomic] - Better Days - Friday, June 16, 2006

Jun 18, 2006

Dear Mr. Naylor,

You can't conclude chapter 14 ("all the wrong places") like this. You just... can't! It leaves so many more questions than answers!

The ONLY thing worse than a 'just fuck already' story is a 'just fuck already' story where characters actually do get to it... but you don't get to see it, and then more characters that you didn't expect to hook up do... but you don't get to see any of that either!

It's worse than a cliffhanger, becuase we don't know what happened and we never will! It makes me very sad... this whole chapter has been very frustrating. It had so much potential to resolve the 'issues' from 10. I mean, they parted ways, we didn't get to see that. They have (evidently) both decided to find love in others... but we hardly got to see them talk about that... before or after!

And I'm not saying I wanted to see the smarmy details. If I wanted that I could check out the catalogue ;) But these kinds of situations have so much potential character development... the buildup events, the just-after conversations, the pillow talk...? It seems like a waste, why did Fisk come all the way out there to visit Lucy if they hardly spent any time with each other anyway!? And now there are so many questions... Will Rachel repent? Try to enact revenge on Lucy? Or Tommy? Try to get back with Tommy? Did Tommy like it? Will he stay with Lucy? Will he go back to Rachel, or to no one? Does Beth know? How did 'moving on' affect Fisk? What does this spell for Fisk and Lucy, is the twincest gone for good?

At any rate, Better Days has one of the best plots out there, and I read it for the story. I'm really looking forward to the new chapter about Fisk and his military life :)