VANCOUVER - See you @ AE '09!

Jun 8, 2009

All the info you need is in the post!

Yes it is true, I will be at Anime Evolution this year, and I will be a guest! Which means all sorts of good things.

Firstly, it means that I have a table in the Alley! You can find me at "Table #5" in the exhibitor's hall, which won't mean anything to you once you get there, SO HERE IS A MAP :D

I'm the one with a purple table cloth and a big sign that says "Wasted Talent"! Come by to say hi, pick up a free button or sketch, or get all sorts of wonderful things: Mini Prints, Sketchbooks, Anthologies and Buttons Galore. I'll be there next to Davey Dave, Sammy Sam, Cammy Cam and tons of other talented artists.

Then, FRIDAY at 6pm in Panel Room 2 is the WASTED TALENT Q&A panel! Come by and support my first ever panel, you guys! I apparently may even have a projector (oooh ahhh). [strikeout]It may be a bit premature to promise a multimedia extravaganza, but I'm not NOT promising that ;D[/strikeout] I have prepared a MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA!!! The only thing that worries me is that my panel is right before the panel where they teach you how to talk to girls. So I really hope none of you skip the panel because you're afraid of talking to girls and the panel was just ONE HOUR too late!

[update] on SATURDAY you will be able to bid on an original watercolour of AE Chan by me! Proceeds go to the BC Children's hospital -- a great cause!

Stay tuned to this blog and The Twitturs for updates. See you theeeeere :D