Trevor, JJ and Election Fever!

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I don't mind, I mean, I'll take any opportunity I can get to excercise my right to give the government a piece of my mind, but I'm not interested in hearing about posturing drama and vitriolic attack ads. I don't care about "the game". So, you won't be hearing about politics from me. *whew*
If you ARE interested in that, however, you should keep and eye on my husband Trevor and my our friend JJ!
Off to the Elections by JJ McCulloughFriend of the show JJ McCullough writes a new brand of Political Cartoons over at If you want a humourous take on the game as it unfolds, Filibuster will be an interesting place to watch!
Trevor, on the other hand, will have his finger on the pulse of the political social-media sphere with his site
Politwitter is his passion project, he's constantly tweaking and improving the site and election time is very exciting for him.  At Politwitter you can look up your riding and see what your local MPs are saying, or you can just follow the top conversations of the day. 
He takes all this data and uses it to make some pretty cool charts and graphs. Charts and graphs, guys!
Best of all, Politwitter integrates everything from twitter, facebook, youtube, blah de blah blah, so you can keep an eye on your candidate MPs without having to like and follow them everywhere. Because, honestly, who wants to do that. Who!? (people like JJ and Trevor I guess.)
Data from Politwitter
Trevor's already had his graphs reposted at the Globe and Mail, so, who knows! you might see his mug on the news at some point :)
So bookmark and! Hopefully we can get some good entertainment out of this mud-slinging parade as we try to cobble together the sludge into something that looks like an informed opinion. 
OR if you just want a shirt that proclaims the truth, Trevor's got you covered in the Canada Kicks Ass Shop ;) 
Canakada shirt


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I want the Stephen Harper Eats Babies shirt XD

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I think I'll be buying a Stephen Harper Eats Babies shirt.

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