TORONTO Represent!

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Hey Toronto & GTA/Ontario/East Coast Canada! I'm tremendously excited to announce that I will be boarding a plane later this week to visit you!

The Toronto Comics Arts Fest is a show that draws some huge stars of independent comics and webcomics. Not only from Canada and the US, but also from Europe and Japan!! I can't underscore enough how excited I am to be a part of the show and how stoked I am to be finally bringing We Are The Engineers to Eastern Canada to meet all you wonderful Torontonians for the first time :) :) :)

Here are some other compelling reasons to attend TCAF:

  • This is a huge show for webcomics. I'm so excited to see everyone and so should YOU be :D 
  • It's at the Toronto Reference Library, which is on Yonge Street very near to the Bloor subway staion...? I think? I hope I'm reading this map right
  • It's **FREE** to enter. What! I know!

Because I'm so pumped for this show, I even made up a special edition TCAF prints. These will be 8x10 frame-ready prints and ONLY available at the show. The theme is: "If Angela and Trevor lived in Toronto instead of Vancouver..."

I can guarantee this is the only way you'll get to see Trevor in a Leaf's jersey ;)

So today, Torontonians, I need you to do two things: 1) Vote, 2) Mark your calendars to get to TCAF this weekend. I'll be on the second floor (the awesome floor ;) ) table 206, distributing handshakes, hugs and high-fives.  SEE YOU THERE!!


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Leafs? Leafs? I don't think anyone actually even in Toronto likes the Leafs. You should represent the Nucks while you're there :D

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You are right Lorraine,

I missed the convertion too, but Good to say Toronto and comics is very  I must admit that every friday I look this site for new post.Very funny....

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I wish I could get it to the next comic art festival.. love to see it and I hope that I could "save the date" for the next year event. Another list for comic book collections.

"publishing next project @"

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