Top Five Ways our Wedding was Epic

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Hey everyone! I feel I need to say something briefly about this before I move on, so here we go - I got married! It was pretty awesome. I have been working on that day for a year and a half. I could write a whole book about the process and the day, but for now I'll just give you the TOP FIVE ways that our wedding day was epic.

1. The PeopleFrench Fred!
My friend Cassandra drove across the country with a parrot to be part of my wedding party. Both Cassandra and my little sister were instrumental in helping me get the last little details settled and defending me from questions on the day itself. Our first roommate French Fred flew in from Quebec and Trevor and I were just delighted to have him there.  Red had to buy TWO flights from England to get here. For his trouble, he did get to catch the bouquet! Also he stole a giant rock slab covered in cheese, ate the head off my cake yeti and almost set the mountain on fire. It would not have been the same without him <3 The wedding was filled with friends from near and family from far. Everyone played their own part in making our day what it was!


2. Hiking in HeelsThis is a real sign at Lynn Canyon! Don't bend to peer pressure! DO NOT BEND!
The Tuesday before the wedding, Trevor and I hiked the Grouse Grind to hunt for possible photo locations. I was disappointed by the lack of forest glades and dirt. (I like dirt, okay!) so at the last moment, I pulled my Bridezilla card to add a second photo location to our day. I had my bridal party hiking through the forest in formalwear and high heels. They put up with my craziness very admirably, and we scrambled up lots of hills and rocks to my delight. At one point Trevor and his brother climbed a tree and broke it. Through all of this NOBODY got hurt or significantly dirty, and the only person who fell was Kyle who, after having scrambled up a giant boulder and then getting down to help all the heeled ladies back down it, tripped a little trying to get BACK UP the rock. w00t!


3. Our Crowdsourced First DanceUs dancing when the video was cooperating!
Trevor and I both like a wide range of music, but we are both TEEERRRIBLE at dancing. I have been seen dancing in public before (maybe even often) but I will never pretend for a microsecond that I am any good at it. At all. This is true for most of the family.

So I hired a wide variety of music-playing people for the wedding that could be appreciated but not necessarily danced to. The jazz trio (String Bass, Clarinetist and Keyboard) played "Over the Rainbow" as I walked down the aisle. We found a friend (and fellow Francois!engineer!) to do club-style DJing for us. At one point the Mechs did the hustle to club music, so that was interesting. A Parisian Accordionist serenaded our non-clubbing guests out on the deck.

But of course, the musical highlight for me was our Crowd-Sourced first dance. I mentioned the dancing thing, right? I wanted to do something special for Trevor that would keep the audience focused AWAY from our horrible dancing. So I asked you all to help me make a video of "our song" (Ahead by a Century by the Tragically Hip) and you totally did! Our amazing MC sweet-talked the venue into letting us use their wall-mounted LCDs.

UNFORTUNATELY there was a bit of a technical snafu and the video kept cutting in and out :( But the guests got the picture and everyone was very touched. (I'm still trying to get a video of the dance off my in-law's camcorder, but we can't find our firewire cable. Soon!!)

Click here to see the winning video!

YOU-- OUR READERS -- made this possible!!!



4. Roflcopter Randomness

ROFLCOPTERSSo after hiking through the forest, when our wedding party finally got to the top of Grouse, my father-in-law met us and asked "Hey! What are you doing right now?"
Me: "Umm, we're waiting for the photographers to get up the gondola."
Him: "Got ten minutes?"
Me: "Proooobably... why?"

Shortly afterwards I was being shoved into a helicopter and instructed how to hold my veil so it wouldn't get caught in the spinning blades of death.

And then we crashed into the mountain and had a funeral instead of a wedding. Just kiddin'.

Throughout the day there was never a speck of rain! And YET, somehow, a rainbow showed up! Earlier that day we had all been joking about "double rainbow" so it was pretty funny. Then someone pointed out that on the other side of the sky, there was ANOTHER RAINBOW! (Really, it was just the other side of the same rainbow, but I'M STILL COUNTING IT: DOUBLE RAINBOW!!)

There are more moments of awesomeness of course, including the (duh) getting married to Trevor part! I had a bouquet made of comic books and other pretty papers, which was a bizarre dream of mine. We toasted with glass coke bottles en plein air. And our guestbook was a photobooth. I'll write a longer post probably when I get all the photos back.



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I wouldn't hike up a mountain in formal wear for just anyone, but I couldn't be more pleased to do so for your wedding Ange! It was truly a spectacular event and you two are truly perfect for eachother! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

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Congratulations on your wedding, I don't think I've said that before :p.


So let me get this straight, 'over the rainbow' was being played when you walked down the aisle, and afterwards you see a rainbow with no speck of rain whatsoever. Awesome coincidence ^^. Did you try flying over the rainbow in the helicopter :p ?

Jam's picture

The timing didn't quite work out that way, but we did fly over a volcanoooo (that was extinct)

Red's picture

You somehow make my jackassery sound almost endearing.

For a wedding that awesome, and a chance to hang out with friends as amazing, two flights was a bargain.

G_Robot's picture

Jam! We both walked down the aisle to "Over the Rainbow"! :)

Jam's picture

Nice!! :)

mountainebony's picture

I discovered WastedTalent the day (the week?) you put up the "happy day" comic. Congratulations on your wedding and cheers for being you. :) 

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