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I'm back from Thailand! Thanks once again to all the amazing people who helped keep you company while I was off taking a much-needed break from my life. I hope you enjoyed the comics and blogs, got a few chuckles and maybe even found a new feed or two for your reader :D

So how was Thailand?

Mission: Thailand's primary objective was to visit the country and return without getting killed, dismembered, contracting a horrible disease, or incarcerated. The mission was a resounding success!

Beyond that I had three goals, all of which were met:

Goal #1: See a ruined temple

This was just one of several run-down/ruined temples we saw. We didn't make it to our original target (Ankor Wat in Cambodia), but this ruin in Ayutthaya (Thailand's former capital... well, one of them) was amazing enough for the list. We'll get to Ankor Wat someday!

Goal #2: Hike in a jungle

I actually got to hike in a couple of jungles, with varying degrees of difficulty, but the one pictured was definitely the toughest. We hiked for about 6 hours with all of our supplies for 3 days up to the top of a mountain. We saw 5 snakes!

Goal #3: Ride an Elephant

Even though it is a touristy thing, I really wanted to try it. Did you know? Elephants are really big! No seriously, they are way bigger than I even imagined!  

Several bonus points were awarded for: 

5. Monkeys.

4. Lanterns.

3. Sleeping on a private beach.

2. Kindergarteners!

1. Coffee beans. This is them growing...

... and this is Ado roasting them for us in a WOK! Amazing.

But after a month I was really missing my friends, so I'm happy to be back in Canada :) My wanderlust has been sated... for at LEAST 20 minutes.


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0 not know me, but such goregous pics and it sounds like you had a most awesome time!!

That jungle looks awesome.  I love rivers with rocks and water and stuffs.

Welcome weeks late!


And Happy New Year!



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