Hey everyone, an urgent project got dropped in my lap!! So I'm basically working like crazy until Thursday. Sorry!! Comic... soon! Soon. It's inked I just literally don't know when I'm going to have two hours to finish it.

Stumptown 2010 Con Report!

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This is my convention report for Stumptown 2010!! Hopefully the video thing will be easier in the future, I had to re-teach myself a bunch of stuff today, heh. AT LEAST It’S DONE. I think I missed one or two “fun”s.

HEY if you have any pictures of/involving me, please send them my way, I’m compiling photos for the facebook album.

HERE IS A GIANT LIST OF LINKS referred to in the video for your clicking pleasure


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I kind of like the video report instead of the written report.  The auto focus was starting to make me dizzy though.  @.@

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The video is squished. D: Good though!

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Missed a "fun"! (@ 03:30ish)

Sounds like a lot of... fun. :)

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No fun anymore, after it was viewed at written essays blog...

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