Site Updates and New Book!

Mar 5, 2009

I said I'd have more site-related news, and I have managed to improve quite a few things :) I also have a new book to announce, so check out the bottom of the post!

First of all is the FORUM, there's a really great community growing there and I wanted to reward them with some mods and improvements. You can read more about that in this thread...

Second is the links page. I FINALLY fixed the stupid script I use to add links, and so I added a bunch and pruned out ones that had died.

Some that I want to hilight...
DAR: This is an amazing auto-bio by Erika Moen. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Stumptown... Super nice! I kind of think of her comic as a perfect compliment to mine. I intentionally screen out super-personal stuff to protect my career. So, if you think my comic needs more sexy-time adventures... Read DAR! Hahaha!

WONDERMARK- great comic by David Malki! whom I had the pleasure of hanging out with at APE. You all should definitely pick up his book, "Beards of our Forefathers" (the hardcover), because it will be the single-most amazing addition to your bookshelf. Incredible comic.

All the comics on that list are awsome. Check 'em out!!

So those are the major upgrades I wanted to report. Trev and I have also spent a ton of time fixing and optimizing stuff. Big thanks to those in the forum who helped me catch the bugs! There are still a few more upgrades I need/want to do, but unfortunately the time I budgeted to focus on the site is (loong) over... There's something else I need to tackle. I must re-evaluate my calendar to accomodate some new deadlines and a MOVE (D:), but I'm really motivated to work on the site more, so hopefully it won't be TOO long before I can report some more upgrades :) Enjoy what I've built for now, thanks for all your kind words about the improvements!

Second, I'm very pleased to announce the THIRD Cloudscape anthology is almost here! I got to see the proofs last night, it looks AWESOME and I'm very excited about it. Once again, it features a comic by me (a 1-pager), and other amazing artists like Kevin, Jon, Steve and another bazillion amazing Vancouver artists. The book is in ~FULL COLOUR~ and features comics inspired by Sunday Funnies.

Check out the cover (by the amazing Jonathon Dalton) for now, a preview is coming soon, and the book drops in April, just in time for Emerald City ComicCon!!!