See you at NEWW!

Mar 18, 2009

So, I'm all packed up for NEWW and I'm leaving right after work today :) (I've packed a spare t-shirt, a passport, and about 50lb of Kashi bars in case you're wondering ;) )

If you're going and you want to meet me, here are some things you'll need to know!

  • -I will only be there Friday and Saturday. :( :( I budgeted all my annual vacation this year for other conventions, so I can't miss work on Monday. >_< [/*:m]
  • -I have no idea how you will be able to find me or where. I'm 5'4 and rather unremarkable!! I know that on Friday I'll be wearing my Conscience Cat Tshirt and on Saturday I'll probably wear my purple Pucca shirt, a black suit jacket and pig tails. Uh, I hope that helps. If you do find me maybe you could wave and shout a lot so other people could figure out where I am? [/*:m]
  • -I have nothing to sell. Because of the complex travel arrangements, this is a carry-on only kinda deal, sorry! :( :( BUT I will be bringing my sketchcards, so anyone who asks can get a sketch, provided I have enough room and light to draw it, and I'm not having a claustrophobic panic attack at the time.[/*:m]

I think that's all? I hope I don't die!!