See You At Emerald City

Feb 28, 2011

That's right, I'm heading South March 4-6th for one of the three shows I'm doing this year: Emerald City Comiccon!. I'll have books, and prints and buttons and smiles and you should definitely stop by to say hi!

Emerald City is definitely becoming a juggernaut show, especially for webcomics. Comics that you'll find represented: Questionable Content, Girls with Slingshots, Sam & Fuzzy, Dresden Codak, Hijinks Ensue, Gunshow, Tiny Kitten Teeth, PVP, Wondermark, Starslip, Unshelved, Not Invented Here, Book of Biff, Weregeek, DAR! (now Bucko), Family Man, and a bunch of new comics that I'm sure we're both to discover. :)

But if that crazy list isn't enough for you somehow, you'll also find Kirk, Data, Riker, Walter, and soooooooo many people fromthe superhero world!

Anyway, it will be great. You should come! Here is where you can find me on the show floor:

...and here is where the centre is. See you there!