Psychotic Squirrel Shirts!

Oct 5, 2009

Exciting things are happening in Wasted Talent land, and I'm not quite ready for the big reveal, but stay tuned!

This weekend I was at VCON, drawin', workin', meetin' peeps. VCON was my LAST convention of the 2009 season, so thanks everyone for a great year! I exceeded my goal of attending 5 conventions this year, and I had a pretty amazing time overall. Already starting to plan for next year's tour. Nothing is set in stone yet (still putting out applications, making arrangements, etc), but I can tell you:

1) I am definitely trying to attend Anime Evolution, Emerald City, and Webcomics Weekend again this year.

2) I am *trying* to make arrangements for some new conventions, but they are very tricky!

3) This year's convention travel will be scaled back a bit because of the wedding.

If you've always wanted to meet me and I've never gone to where you're at, let me know about your local show. But more importantly, LET YOUR LOCAL SHOW KNOW that you want to see me! The farther from Vancouver I need to travel the harder it is, but the con can often help - IF THEY KNOW their attendees want to meet me.

Okay enough of that. The other exciting part of convention season ending is the end-of-season saaaaaaale :D !

I probably won't be able to get the code in place until this weekend, but I can tell you that you can expect to see books! buttons! mini prints! and SKETCHBOOK 2009 (only 25 left from con season!)

If this weekend is too long to wait, you can head on over to our new partner: SHARK ROBOT! This shop is run by my good friend Dave in Utah and he's helping me put out my very first shirt:

It is up for preorder RIGHT NOW - only until Oct 20th! It's not a "limited time" thing, but Dave usually only does preorders, so if you're waiting for a general sale it won't be for awhile.

Hopefully some of you like crazy squirrels! If you don't - I am working on more designs that should go up in the next few months. Let me know generally what you like about the shirt and what you don't, I will keep it in mind for future designs :)

Thanks, team!!