[news] WT, Tangle2, Site Upgrades and Conventions

Aug 4, 2006

Wasted Talent has been updated! Twenty-one strips went up last night. Sorry there was a huge gap between updates and there aren't as many strips as last time. Eah, actually no, I'm not sorry for the quantity of strips. I told myself when I started WT that I would only draw something if it was 'funny', at least to me. That's the point of batch updates anyway. So, there could have been more strips, but they would have been less funny. And summer flies, July kind of just 'whooshed' past me!

But it's not like I haven't been engaged in other things! To amuse myself one day I started on Tangle, part 2, the section of story that deals with Monty and Condor (yayyy!) The quality is somewhere between part 3 and part 1, it will undoubtedly update faster than part 1, but not nearly as fast as part 3. It doesn't yet have an updating schedule. But anyway, 11 pages are up so far, so you can go enjoy them! Tangle part 3 has just entered the second chapter (yay!) and this chapter is more interesting than the last, so I'm excited about that.

I've been doing a few site upgrades :) You probably didn't notice at all, but this is a totally different news script! I adapted it from the blog which is adapted from the forum! With this new script it keeps the entry marked [news] at the top, even if the blog updates :D (but the blog page itself does not do that). I changed the commenting script a little, so now if you put BBcode in via the forum, it won't screw it up on the strip page, so that's nice, but it's still screwed up going the other way (comment field to forum) so I still discourage the use of BBcode in commenting. It's a problem I'm still working on fixing, quite a conundrum! I'm also working on a new front end for Spikecomix.com and a way to bring a bit of commonality to all the sites (Spikecomix.com, Tangle, WT, Forum and Blog.) When I'm done, hopefully it will be much easier to move between the sections. Plus, I'm trying to make it so by going to Spikecomix.com you can keep track of *everything* that has updated around the site quickly and easily. Here's hoping!

I'm also getting ready for a convention rather frantically. No matter what I do, I always must be frantic... I'm going to Anime Evolution, mostly to hang out in AA with Snafu Dave from Utah! I will also be selling mini prints of some chibis. Come say hi!