[news] - WT still weekly, now no longer Tuesdays

Jul 25, 2008

Hi team! Couple of items of business.

Item 1) sorry the comic is late. I was in Sparwood up until, um, two hours ago. I was rolling around in some coal mines, hence the above-mentioned coveralls. Superfrustrating because I HAD my comic, but could not scan it. Also one of my marker-caps fell off on the plane and my favourite henna-red died ;___;

Item 2) Due to all sorts of wacky circumstances like the afforementioned, and the ever-tempting sunshine consuming my weekends, I am going to shift my update day to a FLEX DAY. By which I mean, you will get a comic weekly... but I don't know which day!! Hopefully a new best update day will settle out of this, I don't know.

Item 3) In the comic, my hard hat and gloves are an awesome NEON ORANGE that TOTALLY didn't scan AT ALL and that is bullshit and I am a bit upset about it. ;__; Oh well, that's how it goes with markers. In other news, I have switched to vellum Bristol (instead of some other kind, I forget, also Bristol) on a friend's reccomendation and it seems to have helped the smudging problem! I might give microns a go again! That would make me a happy Jam.

Item 4) Website is still freakin' out. New server, Trevor has been constantly stressing about it, please send him happy thoughts of patience.

Item 5) AnimEvo is on again somehow... but now it's at UBC! Assuming they still have my table (v_v) I will be there. If any of y'all are coming out, I give an AWESOME tour of UBC. :P

Item 6) I'M SLEEPY