[news] - WT up/ Local Appearances/ Site Issues

Jul 17, 2008

Hi everyone! I AM BACK FROM SACRAMENTO! And so is my comic! Hooray!

Next order of business: LOCAL APPEARANCES! :D If you are a Vancouverite, you should come down to see me THIS SATURDAY at the Art Gallery! I'll be hanging out there with Cloudscape from about 12-4... we will be OUTSIDE on the ROBSON side (look for the weird welded together vans). You should maybe also check out Krazy while you are there?

SECOND, if you were planning on going to ANIME EVOLUTION... it MAY not be happening this year! Or it may be late, or somewhere else, but most likely it's going to be cancelled or severely reduced in scope. If it happens, I will still be there, but if it DOESN'T happen, I will be at "COMICS AND STORIES", which is a local mini-con happening on that Sunday (the uh... 24th of August?). So REGARDLESS, I will be doing SOMETHING Wasted Talent related that weekend. STAY TUNED :D

FINALLY, thank you for your patience regarding some site/forum issues this week. It went down right after I left on business (typical!) , and I initially thought it was because Trevor bought a new server and was scheduled to be installing it... in fact due to a massive power outage downtown where my server is hosted :o part of my table got corrupted! IRONICALLY this is UNRELATED to the 'outage' depicted in my comic... in fact that situation actually was someone accidentally turning the lights out in the auditorium.

I... I think that's it. Whatever I'm really tired. ENERGY!