[news] - An update on Conventions

Mar 8, 2008

...Or a non-update? I was all gung-ho to up my convention circuiut (from 0 to 3... ha!) but it's not going so well, I'm afraid. This situation is a joint result of convention-planner's incompetence AND my low amount of funds preventing me from doing a lot of advance-planning.

I'm still desperately trying to get myself out there. But right now I can only tell you which conventions I'm NOT going to.

I'm NOT going to Sakuracon... EVER. I'm NOT going to Emerald City, but hopefully maybe next year. I'm NOT going to anything West of BC or South of Oregon (I just can't afford the travel cost).

I'm still trying to get into Stumptown (Portland), but don't hold your breath :'(

This might be very disappointing to some of you, and I'm sorry. I really tried! Every year I'm planning to expand my circuit by a little bit, so hopefully someday I'll get to your town. In the meantime, if you can trick your con planner into thinking I'm some super-famous hotshot and get me invited as a guest, that may speed the process ;D