[news] - Tangle Again.

Mar 2, 2007

I fixed tangle. Again. Sort of. Well, all the pages work now and I'm confident that they will continue to work for awhile. The problem in the end of ch3 was me putting them in the database wrong (durrr, whoopsie. Typos happen when you do 30 pages in a row) and the problem of ch4 was me not making a directory for the pages to write to. Uhhhh oops.

BUT it's fixed now. Except for the fact that if you click on "ch3" it jumps to page 100 instead of, say, 75 which is the first page of that chapter. It does that because 1 is before 7. It's a coding thing that I could definitely fix but am too lazy to right now. I could have also fixed it by numbering each CHAPTER within itself (starting with 1, etc.) but, again, that would require PLAAANNnning. HA.

In other Tangle news, I apologize to all Tangle readers but I wanted to give you all a heads up that this story may or may not actually conclude XD I feel awful! But I've been working super hard on what is "Tangle part 1" in this current structure and my work on it is changing all sorts of things in the timeline.

... and the three part structure.
... and the major characters, the planet, the plot...
... and probably the title, too.


BUT IT'LL BE GOOD. I promise, guys. That's super-in-advance news, though, don't get your hopes up until ... uh... possibly August.

Lastly, again, I am super busy with school so if Tangle breaks again, please post about it in the Forum!! I'll totally see it that way :) I don't bite that hard.