[news] - Still on the East Coast

Nov 10, 2008

Hey team, still on the East Coast, I will be flying back tomorrow, leaving the house at like THREE AM AUGH.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been super busy running from one relative's house to another's since I landed, so I'm just now able to knock off some email and message replies. If I haven't replied to you yet, it's not because I won't! :D I probably will get to the rest of them Tuesday afternoon... as many as I can before I pass out from jetlag x_x

New comic will follow at some point after that :/

VANCOUVER LOCALS: There is a party happening as a sort of post-Ape thing for Historyonics At the JEM gallery on Sunday! I originally thought it was supposed to be *yesterday*, (durr lots of travel == confusion for me), but since it's actually on the 16th I will probably be there :D

OTHERWISE: I will soon make the internet magicks happen so that I can sell Historyonics online. I will probably also be selling my convention overstock (buttons, books, longcats) so watch for that :D