[News] - Site Updates May 30

May 30, 2006

Ok, so I've been doing a lot of intensive work in the forums. I hacked phpbb to make a functional commenting system. Now, if you are a registered member of the forums, you can comment both from the forum itself and from the wasted talent pages!

Also new in the forum is this blog (obviously!) which still has a lot of work in it. I want to make it spread across all of Spikecomix.com sites, and create a tagging system for it so you can view posts by tag.

Lastly, I'm working very hard to bring new layouts to the forum. I've already got a strikethrough and spoiler tag up now, next will be doublepost prevention, quickpost, and the massive birthday and gender mods.

So stay tuned to Spikecomix sites, lots is happening!