[news] - Shop still goin'

Dec 8, 2008

Hey everyone, replaced the ad at the top again. First link was kind of a ghetto stop-gap measure, the second one was sucktacular and I think maybe people thought it was an actual ad? Hopefully this one is okay.

Thanks everyone who has bought stuff so far! Unless you've ordered today past 5 your orders will go out in the morning :) I'm going on a business trip tomorrow, so either your order will be delayed a few days or it will be shipped from the States. We'll see, I'm not sure it will work out :/

I still have about.. uh... a dozen of the sketchbooks left, so once those are gone they are GONE and the ultimate pack goes with 'em :). I'll still keep selling Historyonics, though! ^_^ And don't worry, they'll be a new sketchbook next year :D