[news] - PARTY! Historyonics is Historyrific!

Nov 14, 2008

Yay new comic is up! This should have been put up yesterday, but I ended up getting so tired that I couldn't muster the energy to get my last colour (80% grey) from the other room. I passed out on the couch instead! HAHAHA man that's lame. Still, I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not comfortable with yellows, but I wanted this to look "fallsy" so I took a risk. I think it came out okay! Be sure to check out the ISBN comic again, too, I rescanned it so it doesn't look like crap anymore. ALWAYS A PLUS.

(Finally! I've found something harder to scan than MARKER! >_< )


IT IS HERE! It is so pretty, you have no idea. I am so freakin' proud of this thing. And if you are a VANCOUVER LOCAL, you should TOTALLY crash THE JEM GALLERY Sunday at 1pm!! It will be your FIRST CHANCE to get your hands on Historyonics. After that it should start showing up on a comic shop shelf near you and will be available online, but ONLY at the JEM can you see a bunch of the original pages (on gallery walls! I KNOW!) and get your book signed by MOST of the 14 artists featured in the book! ALSO I will be there! Also it will be fun! ALSO!