[news] - New ways to get Wasted Talent!

Jan 8, 2008

WT #349 is up!

Today I'd like to announce two things: both are ways that you can get Wasted Talent on other services that existed before and you may use!

The first is Wasted Talent on facebook! If you like Wasted Talent, now you can show it by becoming a "fan"! (On a side note, I only add people I know in real life to my *own profile* facebook... it's seriously nothing personal, you're all very cool!)

The second is Wasted Talent on Livejournal! So if you use a Livejournal, you can add wastedtalentrss and it will tell you when I update. In theory, Livejournal seems to be kind of testy about this sort of thing.

Both of these echo the Wasted Talent RSS feed, which updates when I post a new comic :D

Mmmmmmmmyes what else. Ummm did you know we have a forum? It's true, all the cool kids are doin' it. Oh also I revived my DA... but only with fanart from now on.

Man I'm sleepy, have a great Tuesday :D