[News] - New Comics and a New Schedule??

Nov 16, 2006

Ok, here's the deal. I updated WT, starting here (10 new strips!).. YAY ME! As a "sorry that I was gone so long" reward, some of the strips are LOST COMICS (oooooo) that I never scanned for one reason or another! INTRIGUING, I KNOW.

I have more comics, but instead of spending hours and hours (and hours) scanning and formatting and uploading them at once etc, I'm going to try something new! Trevor, upon examining WT stats, told me that a lot of people were stopping by and leaving because nothing was new :( Since I <3 you, my readers, this makes me sad :(

So instead of updating in batches, I am going to try uploading TWO NEW STRIPS A WEEK! On, oh,... say... MONDAYSish and ... FRIDAYSish? (UM starting on the 20th)

I say "ish" because I will still be updating 'by hand' (not automatically because I don't have time to code such a thing) so I may not get there at 12:01, y'know? The upside of this new system is "yay! Twice a week, new WTs!" the downside is that it might be January when we get to the October strips... hm. But I am still CRAZY busy, so that's the way it's gotta be. Someday I'd like the strips to catch up and actually be like a comic-blog, but that won't happen till I gradumatate.

As for me, I'm still stupidly busy, but you will be glad to know that IT IS PAYING OFF :D My grades are pretty good this year and I might actually get a job! Yay job.

If you like this idea Let me know! If you hate this idea Let me know! (Poll!)