[news] - New Blog Thingy and Snapshots

Oct 26, 2007

Hey Everyone! I finally had a pang of inspiration and managed to get a proper blog together for Red. You can now see a more prettiful version of Red's blog at WastedTalent.ca/Red. Fairly easy to remember, I think.

You may also have noticed that the little "news" jobbie down here is split! Pretty slick, eh? I've wanted to do this for a long time. It looks easy, but it took me a really long time to code, you have no idea. A lot of frustration. I'm not very good at coding.

WT may or may not now work in Firefox, thanks maybe to Yoshi? Yell at him in the forums if it broke worse for you. *I* definitely appreciate his (and anyone's!) help because I'd given up on the thing.

Lastly, I ran into a crazy cool thing today... mostly because Lj adopted it. It's called SnapShots! It's pretty cool, it takes a little picture of the site that hides on the other side of your links. I applied it to my ever-expanding links page because I dislike a zillion link banners in a row. I'm sorry! But I think this is a suitable comprimise. I've only applied it to the links page and that is the only page I intend to do it to, I've heard it can cause site slowdowns. Let me know what you think!