[news] - I'm making a note here: huge success

Aug 25, 2008

Hey so, wow, I'm back from Anime Evolution! I must say that, in spite of the fact that GETTING to the con was a complete gong show, I actually had a really really good time. This was the first year I've had the courage to try a full table again and it went well.

So a GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who came by and told me they read and enjoy Wasted Talent :) :) People like you are the reason that I want to go to more cons. Thank you especially to the people who said they liked Tangle, I already am sort of desperate to work on Lost Omens more, but this is an extra boost for motivation ^_^. Thank you to the girl who bought my Looooooooong scarf in, like, the first two hours of con, that was amazing. And it was super cool to meet you, red-haired pirate-girl!

HOWEVER, if you want to see me at Anime Evolution 2009, PLEASE request me as a guest!! I'm basically a free guest for them! The stress that registering for the alley caused for me this year is enough to dissuade me from coming back in the future. I mean, I already just hang out with Dave and Sam all day anyway, and I even spoke on the webcomic panel this year so....

PRO TIP! If you want me to come to YOUR local con, requesting me as a guest can really help me get there :) But the likelihood of it happening will decrease exponentially with your city's distance from Vancouver. (Travel costs are almost always the biggest con expense :( )