[news] - Comic Delay :(

Sep 6, 2007

So, funny story...

I got a new computer! And it's awesome and I love it BUT unfortunately both my scanner AND my printer are Canon. In case you didn't know, Canon is run by a group of F*(&ers who not only don't have Vista drivers, but have plainly stated that they will NEVER release Vista drivers.

While irritating, I had managed to gerry-rig a system where I could use my old computer to scan things by remoting in and transfering the files. It was a pain, but it worked. Thennnnn our server exploded. Again. So Trevor had to format my poor old Vaio aaaand hence the scanner and printer are out of commission again :(

The comic EXSISTS, I made it, I promise, but I have to wait until Trevor's done fussing with the server.