[news] - Bad news + sneak peak

Sep 16, 2008

Hey team, it's 9ish and I just got home awhile ago. I got recruited into a team at work that's doing some intense stuff and it's eating up a lot of time.

When I get home I have to work on my Cloudscape story that's due, uh... yesterday.

So short story long, I hate rushing my Wasted Talents (I rushed last week's and got the arrow wrong >_<) I would really rather just spend the proper amount of time and put out good product. No comic this week.


You get to see a sneak peak of my next anthology comic: "The Storm Ship", based on an American Fable by Washington Irving :D

Click on Dolph to see it!

If I don't get this story done by this weekend I'm basically out of the book, so one way or another WT will be back on track next week.

Have a good week, team!