[news] - Back from APE, QC Guest Strip

Nov 4, 2008

Hey everyone!

I am back from APE! I will write up a full con report later, but in brief, I got to hang out with some very cool and awesome people...and it rained a lot.

Welcome to all the visitors from QC today :D It is great to meet you! Thank you especially for all of those who said that the strip was funny, and true to the characters. It really means a lot to me ...I was pretty nervous working with Jeph's characters! XD

I'm flying out to Pennsylvania tomorrow (ugh back to back flights), so tonight is dedicated to unpacking, REpacking, and answering and generating emails. But I'll get a strip together while I'm at home :)

Oh, some people have asked me to post a picture of my hair...

Now, I need to go back to being glued to the news.