[news] - Allllllmoooost...!

Apr 7, 2009

Hey team! I'm very pleased to be writing you from the month of APRIL!!! HAHAHA Take THAT, March! I'm writing today from my phone on one tenuous bar of reception... faaar far away from the city inside one of the facilities I will be maintaining as part of my new job. YEAH!

Still riding out March's shockwaves a bit, but I've accomplished a lot in the last few weeks.

+ I have moved! I have a new place and all my things are in it.
-- I don't have my computer set up yet, because Trevor put his desk together wrong.
-- I also don't have any appliances >_<

+ I have my new (temporary) job! Still getting the feel for my new life

+ I went to ECCC and back! If you were there, it was great to meet you!

I'm going to try really hard to get the next comic up tonight or tomorrow night. Then I should be able to get my schedule back to something more predictable. See you soon!