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The Fourth and Best Ever Anthology by the Cloudscape Comics Collective is finally here!

Exploded View is a 200+ page collection of Science Fiction comics and there are some really stellar stories in here. Twenty Five artists from British Columbia including Camilla D'Errico, John Christmas, Jordyn Bochon, Coleen MacIsaac, Jonathon Dalton, Jeff Ellis and Yours Truly!

For my own 9 page story, I decided to explore an alien world where the aging population syndrome had become an epidemic. The machines take care of the elders, but what happens when there's no one left to take care of the machines?

Check out the preview on my facebook page for a taste of what Exploded View has to offer!

So where and when can you get it!?

Your very first opportunity will be the Exploded View Launch Party!

If you're a Vancouverite, you're invited to join us on March 6th (SATURDAY NIGHT) at the Ayden Gallery, just steps away from Stadium Skytrain on the 2nd floor of Tinseltown.

There will be food, drinks, music, fun, original art to see on the walls (including mine) and of course, THE BOOK!

Regrettably, I can't go :( I had made plans to be out of town months before this date was announced and I'm really bummed.

However, I WILL be at the Exploded View Comic Shop BlitzKrieg on the 10th of March. Wherever you are in the city of Vancouver, you won't be far from a shop where you can pick up the book and get it signed by one of our artists!

I'll be signing books at Golden Age (right downtown on Granville street) from 6-9pm.

Exploded View will also be at:



Golden Age (Downtown on Granville) - ME, Chris, Wei and Jeff
Elfsar (Yaletown) - Toren, Paul, Kevin
Big Pete's (Lonsdale) - Megan and Chloe
The Comic Shop (W 4th Street) - Jonathon, Colin
RX (Main Street) - John, Lou
Lucky's (Main Street) - Cat, Jason

(Names and locations are still subject to change, check the Cloudscape Website for the most up-to-date news)

SERIOUSLY, WE ARE AT 7 Comic Shops SIMULTANEOUSLY. SEVEN!!! That should be an olympic event!

What, that's not enough!? OH-KAY

Me and a handful of other cloudscapers will be attending Emerald City Comiccon on March 13th in Seattle! Not only will we have Exploded View and our other anthologies, but I'll have pins and prints and a preview of my OWN book :) I'll be super lonely at a big table all by myself, so please please PLEASE come say hi :(

I'm also stoked to announce I'll be coming to Stumptown in Portland (April 24-25) to repeat the feat!

AND I'll be returning as a guest at Anime Evolution, 2010 - August 13th - 15th at my alma mater, the University of British Columbia!!

If all else fails, you will be able to purchase Exploded View on the Cloudscape website, shortly after the release. They will send it to you as long as you are in a place mail can travel :) I will also be selling a few special copies here on the site, SOMETIME after ECCC. It's just too crazy before that! @_@!!

WHEW, How's THAT for an update!! CELEBRATE, folks, this is a huge chunk of news that has been in the works for a long long time :D


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I'm super excited, I'm getting to go to ECCC this year. I don't know whether it'll be just sunday or both days, but I'm definitely going to stop by and chat awhile.

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