Mini-Hiatus for everything BUT the comic during June...

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Hey everyone, just a quick heads up on a few things:

I'm going kind of crazy lately. It's nothing serious, but finishing the wedding planning, undertaking a major home renovation and trying to finish the book all at the same time is leaving me wanting extra headspace.

So I'm declaring a hiatus -- from everything that's not essential. The comic will still go up weekly (yay) BUT you will notice:

  • I'm not answering email on my usual schedule. I will try to keep up with it when I can, but expect response times to be pretty poor.
  • There won't be an Ask the Engineer post this month. The series will resume in July - I already have them working on the next question :).
  • I'm not doing much in the Sponsor Zone. [This is why sponsorships are *annual*!] There's still a lot up there and I will do my darndest to get stuff in there, but, again, gotta prioritize.
  • Expect my presence at all sites external to (Tumblr/Facebook/Lj... even Twitter) to be somewhat scaled back from usual.

It is wedding CRUNCH TIME.

I'm basically doing everything I can to keep my stress levels down and keep the comic posting weekly.


  • Keep reading! Your support really does keep me going.
  • Keep posting comments and posting in the forum! This really helps the site.
  • Be patient, and thank you in advance for that. I know I can boast some of the best darn readers on the internets ^^

I'm getting married July 10th, and after a moment to breathe, perhaps, and sending off all my far-flung relatives, I expect life to get much much better :) I will be back, and I've got a lot of bottled up ideas I wanna work on!!! >:)


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wasted Tom

Well we're glad you center on what is important in your life. Prioritisation is the first moto of time management, and one you promote yourself in your other blog. It's good to see you applying  it for the good cause :-)

It's so much better not to arrive exhausted on your wedding day and be able to enjoy it fully with all the people you love.

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I agree Wedding comes first and no one wants a ruined home, so do your best and try to get some Jam time ^^

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I hope your wedding is fantastic and full of joy for everyone, but most especially the bride and groom. <3

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