[media] PPGZ - Powerpuff Girls the Anime, Episode 1

Jul 6, 2006

WOW ok, I already had a lengthy post today but this MUST be discussed. This was released on the 1st to much anticipation, and by today (the 6th) they have it fansubbed and on Youtube.

All I can say is Wow. Just.... wow. I can't believe they did such a FUCKING HORRIBLE JOB with this anime!!!

Ok ok, that's not being fair. Let's discuss the good and the bad. First the good, Look at their cute new outfits! :D

.... ok that's the end of the good.

Truly, the only thing I like about this anime (so far, maybe ep 2 will be better? ;___; ) is the visual style and the throwbacks they had to the original. I really like that the style is non-cookie-cutter anime, and they even seem to have kept the style very simplified, like Cartoon Network did.

Who would have thought that you could take the Powerpuff Girls... something so awesome and kind of revolutionary in its style and content, something that has OBVIOUS throwbacks to Anime Style... and FUCK IT UP SO SPECTACULARLY!! I was actually kind of looking forward to this anime... I mean, look how good a job Bleedman did with the PPG Doujinshi which is basically the same idea.

Say what you will about Bleed's writing, but I firmly believe that fundamentally: Bleed went right where this anime went horribly, horribly wrong.

My theory is this: The Powerpuff Girls was wonderful, and this is why: PPG takes an incredibly simple and silly concept, and presents it in an extremely dramatic way. PPGZ did it backwards... they kept the simiplified art and very silly characters and villains... and tried to infuse a ton of serious "plot" into it... but still kept it very silly. <_<

I mean... PPG could be explained in less than twenty seconds, in fact they do it in every opening! It took PPGZ about TEN MINUTES to explain what the FUCK was going on and I still don't really understand!! The transformation I can live with... (though the sequences are SO over the top Loli) but the fact that they were just random people (not even sisters??) before coming 'powerpuffed'? :( I'm not sure I can live with that. More gripes: they made Buttercup too masculine and Bubbles too overtly-femenine :( It was silly... but almost too silly to be enjoyable... it jumped around and was SO random!!

Ugh. I am convinced that PPGZ is Japan's revenge for all of the anime that were destroyed by 'Americanization' ;___;

Here's some REAL PPG to cleanse your pallate.