A Jam Appears! Cons Round 2

Mar 5, 2009

OK, I'm able to officially announce TWO MORE appearances in 2009!! Excite!!

In MARCH you will be able to meet me at WEBCOMICS WEEKEND! I had to sacrifice a lot of sleep and peace of mind in order to make it there, BUT I AM GOING AND I AM STOKED! If you live in Massachussets, Connecticut, or upstate New York, New Jersey and PA you should definitely consider coming to say hi to me! Just make sure you PRE-REGISTER. UH also take note that I will only be there Friday and Saturday due to the expensiveness of flights that aren't inconvenient. :cry: Also since this was a bit of a Carpe-Diem moment for me, I'll be having a warp-speed-1-week-only commission sale next week to defray the escalating costs a bit. :oops: STAY TUNNNNEEED.

In APRIL West Coasters have the chance to meet me twice! Once at EMERALD CITY in Seattle (some amaaaaaaazing guests, you should definitely check it out), and then at STUMPTOWN in Portland 2 weeks later! Team Cloudscape will be there pimping our two newest anthologies, and I'll have some new stuff to sell there, too :D


I will be a guest of honour at ANIME EVOLUTION in JUNE in Vancouver!! I'm crazy excited about this convention, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it at first :) It'll be at the brand new Convention Center right downtown. Locals, make sure to pre-reg before the end of April!

I will also be a webcomic guest at CONNECTICON! in AUGUST! This will be my FIRST AND ONLY East Coast Con, and there will be LOTS of Webcomickers going. PRE REGISTRATION FOR JUST $35 ENDS IN 10 Days!! so if you're local to there, I would jump on that! Come say hi to meeeee and my east coast bff Cassandra!

Aaaaand that's it for now. I was hoping to do 2 or 3 East Coast Cons next year, but now with the wedding... I might be able to do only one, two tops :( I have to be very careful with my vacation-time in 2010. So, you should probably take the initiative to come and see me this year, because next year is up in the air~ If you're local to Vancouver, you should have lots of chances to see me in the coming months. There'll be a book launch for Funday Sunnies in early Mayish, I'm going to crash Vcon in October (their first-ever comics convention component will be presented by Cloudscape!), and I'd like to do WUTS again, maybe Comix & Stories if the the d-bag who runs it doesn't put it on top of AnimEvo again like last year =_= BUT YES lots happening.

Big Excite!