I'm going to punch March in the FACE

Mar 30, 2009

Hey everyone,

Sorry sorry SORRY for lack of updates/slow updates during March. :( Thank you so much for your patience. March has been trying to kill me and thus far it's been an EPIC!BATTLE with blood and teeth flying and hair pulling and bat'leths. And lasers. Just when I think I can stand victorious over March's bloody corpse, it comes back from the dead to drag me down into the dirt.

Quick recap of the battle so far and the stupid decisions that lead to the creation of DeathMonth:

- Feb 26 - Decided to go to NEWW
- Feb 27 "Got" the job in Mission
- 1st wknd in March: Apartment hunting for downtown (Short window of opportunity hey!)
- March 8 - Initiated crazy sale, worked on Sketchbook '09
- March 12 - Crazy sale got a bit *too* crazy
- 2nd wknd in March: Looking at wedding venues, apartment hunting in Mission
- 2rd week in March: me: "OHF$%^--NEWNEWWNEWNWENWNE" Trevor: "OHF$@$--PACKPACKPACKPACK" <-- we still didn't have an apartment in Mission at this point BTW
- Wednesday March 19th - March 22: NEWWW :D :D :D:D:D:D:D:DDDDDDDD>....
- Tuesday March 24: BLARG I'm DED
- Wednesday March 25: JEFF TO THE RESCUEEEEEeeeeee! (And Universal Printinngggggggg!!! Yaaaaaay)
- Thursday March 26: NOW We actually have a place to move TO in Mission! What's that, that's THIS SUNDAY? OHF(#*$&-PACKPACKPACK
- Friday March 27: Worked on some watercolours but then Trevor was like "HEY WATR U DOING, FATTY, PACK GOD DAMN YOU!" *PACKPACKPACK*
- Saturday March 28 - Apartment hunting AGAIN (downtown). We have a SHORTLIST NOW, OH GOD @_@ MORTGAGE!?
- Sunday March 29 - MOVING DAY TO MISSION! Our apartment has no appliances and apparently nobody knew we were coming! HAHAHAHAHAHA YAY, BUT WE GOT OUR STUFF IN THERE SOMEHOW! Sweet! Now I get to sleep on a FLOOR because Trevor packed the AIR MATTRESS somewhere! (*Coughing spasms of DEATH*)

So now it is today. And I have a full blown cold. And this is what I have to look forward to with DeathMonth:

- Monday, March 30- [strikeout]CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN EMPTY APARTMENT and sleep on floor again! YAY[/strikeout]
- Tuesday, March 31- [strikeout]Whirlwind revisiting of all our shortlisted apartments![/strikeout] AND THEN MORE CLEANING AND SLEEP-FLOORING
- Wednesday - [strikeout]Funday Sunnies lands and I have to get it somehow? Also I will be living in Mission and commuting to Burnaby ;0;[/strikeout] Staying with Jeff tonight! W00t!
- Thursday - [strikeout]My sketchbooks will somehow land in North Vancouver and my carless but has to get them. HOW WILL I DO IT? MYSTERYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyy[/strikeout] GOT 'EM! They dropped early (on Monday!!) PS This is the LAST DAY OF MY JOB, did I mention that transitioning out of a role when your whole department is sort of gone is kinda stressful??
- Friday - OFF TO ECCC after work!

I made a map to help y'all understand this situation, and my recent comics :) !

*sobs to self softly*

So I'm not *complaining* per se, I mean, I did this to myself and it's all worth it for being able to go to NEWW and get the experience I'll be able to get in Mission. Just trying to 'splain why there is no comic. :(

The good news is that May looks eeeeeeeeaasyyyyyyy and by the time that month rolls around I'll be able to do lots of art because I will be lonely and there is nothing to do in Mission :|

Except plan a wedding. (*PBLAM*)