Emerald City Comiccon and more 2013 Conventions

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Hi everyone! Spring is (almost) here and that means that convention season is upon us again. EMERALD CITY is in TWO WEEKS and I will be there so I hope to see you there too, Seattle!
I have good news and bad news regarding my convention schedule this year.
The bad news is that I'm not doing any "away" conventions this year. At all. I'm taking the year off.
I will be returning to:
... but that's it.
The good news is that the reason I've chosen to do this is to make headway on something bigger.
Here's the deal, team: convention appearances are a lot of work. A LOT. I've been running a convention "circuit" since 2007, and in the past 5 years I've done between 5 and 7 conventions per year. Usually by the time "con season" is over, I'm so exhausted and half the year is gone! I have a really hard time making headway on 'bigger picture' projects that are really important to me. 
So this is what I'm going to do with 2013 instead:
The reason that I'm so passionate about comics is that I love telling stories. I've had a blast writing Wasted Talent (and I have no intention of quitting) and I adore the community we've built here... but I fell into this genre rather by accident. I have other stories that I want to tell as well. I want to expand my abilities and try something new.
I've been working like crazy to finish this script and I'm over 90% of the way there. This is a fantasy story that I've been working on for years and I'm so SO close to launching this in a big way that I almost can't stand it! I need the time usually reserved for conventions to finish the first chapter, finish the new website and finally (finally!) launch this project. Maybe. I might set the thing on fire instead. WE'LL SEE. I'm very scaredcited to share this story with you, so I hope you'll forgive the temporary hermit-dom it requires.
Wasted Talent fans can also look forward to book 3 launching in the fall of this year. This is a BIG book that requires a lot of bonus content. Book 3 has the 2010 Olympics, the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, AND the wedding. That's a lot of stuff, and I have a lot that I want to say reflecting on those events. The wait will be worth it, and I'll have LOTS of very exciting extras with the launch of the extreme edition. 
I spent a really long time considering this decision and even though I do feel in my heart that this is the right choice at the right time, I'm pretty sad about it. Conventions are a lot of fun! I love meeting the people who enjoy my work and your kind words throughout the years have really kept me going through some darker times. I especially love meeting other artists and discovering new things. I will miss it all so much!! But I like I said, I'm taking the time off to accomplish something specific and I do think it will be worth the sacrifice.
I will be back on the road in 2014 in a BIG way. I'm hoping to head back to Seattle, Calgary, and Toronto. I'm also hoping to hit some shows in new places: California? New York? Chicago? Maryland? Texas? Montreal? Could I possibly make it across the pond??? (we'll SEE everyone, we'll see)
So that's the plan. I'll miss seeing you guys, but I'll still be here, updating my regular haunts. Y'all know where to find them:


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I can tell you I became a fan of yours last year after checking out your booth at ECCC. I grabbed a business card and then checked it out after the convention and got hooked. I can't make it this year, but maybe next year. I have to wait right now, but I won't wait until next year's convention to buy a couple of books from you.

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