To Connecticut!

Jul 27, 2009

CONNECTICON is happening in a few short days and I will be there in force!

This will be my only East-Coast appearance this year (at least the only one where I have a table), so if you're in Hartford, Connecticut, you should come check it out!! It's $40 (Saturday) at the door, but if you're into Webcomics, the staggering list of guests should make it well worth the price :) :)

I'll have my 2009 Sketchbooks, lots of anthologies, buttons galore, mini prints, and uh... I dono, Jammy goodness? Also: I'll also be in a panel!


Me, Scotty-Scott and Mr. Green will be together on a panel called "Webcomics from the Wild". I don't know anything about KC's Oklahoma, but I seriously can't think of anyplace LESS wild than Scott's Toronto or my beloved Vancouver. Regardless, it should be a good time.

I'm *considering* putting together a bit of a meetup outside the con, but I'm worried about epic jet-lag sapping all my energy... However, I'll be spending the rest of that week in Allentown, PA (1st week of August) - Maybe we can all crash the Cityview :) Post here if that's something that would interest you ^_^