Coming Soon: Wasted Talent BOOK 2!

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Do you know what this is? It's the cover to Wasted Talent book 2: Welcome To The Real World! Exciting!!!

Here are some exciting details I can share:

  • It should be here in MID MARCH
  • It is 152 pages - almost twice the size of We Are The Engineers
  • It's full colour!

I've been getting LOTS of questions about it so I thought I'd write this post to answer what I could.

When can I buy it already!?

I can't give you an exact date yet :( The files are with the printer right now but I have to do the whole proofing thing and delays do happen. However, relative to the amount of time I've spent working on this thing, the books will be here very soon! We are pushing to have at least one box at Emerald City Comiccon. No guarantees, of course, but that's what we're aiming for.

Will there be Extreme Underwater Basket Weaving and/or Artist Editions available?

YES! If you missed the launch of the first book, there were only 150 Artist/XUWBW editions and they all sold out within a week D:!  This time I am making 300 Artist/XUWBW editions avialable, and the XUWBW will have way more exciting stuff!
 I'll be giving more details in advance of the launch date, but keep a close eye on and my twitter (@angelamelick) to be the most in-the-loop.

Can I get a copy mailed to [far flung land]?

YES - I can send books wherever the mail service delivers :)

More questions? Ask away! Thanks everyone!


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YAY. I want one!

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