Feb 7, 2014

Exciting news everyone, Wasted Talent book 3: Cubicle Warrior is FINISHED! The entire thing is done - interior and covers, and this will be launching SUPER SOON! I can't tell you precisely when, but we have a printer sourced and it should not be long. "A matter of weeks". Budget for early March. WATCH MY FEEDS for announcements, previews, trailers, sales, and the BIG LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT!
ARE YOU EXCITED?? I'M PRETTY FREAKIN' EXCITED, TEAM!!! This book was a rough time going because I broke my arm right before finishing it but it is a really solid piece and I'm really proud of it already. It has tons of bonus comics - brand new content - that explore what was going on in my job "behind the scenes", as well as expanding on my experiences with both the 2010 Olympics and the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. All in all, 16 pages of NEW comics, 8 brand new illustrations and 17 pages of commentary. A lot of good stuff and it will be in your hands very soon!