ComicChameleon - Now Available for Iphone!

May 9, 2013

If you like reading comics on your phone, you know that reading on the web is not always ideal. Thankfully, if you have an iphone, there's now a solution! ComicChamelon has finally launched and you can get updates from Questionable Content, Hijinks Ensue, Girls With Slingshots, Yours Truly :D and many more awesome comics. 

Guys, I'm really excited to have Wasted Talent as part of the launch lineup, and I strongly recommend you give this app a try. It's built with the goal of giving the readers the best possible reading experience, and it's fair to creators (where so SO many apps have gone without our permission and not been so fair). Please check it out!

(And before you ask. Yes. Android. Yes. Soon. Trust me, I'm on team Android.)