ComfyCon 2012 is happening!

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So as you might have noticed, everyone in the world is at San Diego Comic Con right now! Well, actually not quite everyone. For various reasons some of us are *not* at Comic Con but we've decided that we should have some fun, too. So we're doing con-like things for the internet :) Panels! Hangouts! Art sales! All online from our various corners of North America.


Here’s my schedule:


Thursday night LATE (9-10 pm PST): I'll be loitering around the internet, possibly stream-bombing someone else (ew that actually sounds kinda gross). (actual result: I did a late night Q&A)


Saturday evening (after dinner PST): Streaming the next comic. Either Ustream or G+ hangouts, who knows

(actual result: two-part livestream of pencils and inks with my guest, Cassandra Yorgey :))


Sunday: Panel with Aaron Diaz and Anthony Clark scheduled for 9pm EST tonight! (The "Triple A-team Panel")

Part 1:

Part 2:


Comfycon is supposed to be very chill and spontaneous, so the best thing to do if you want to participate is CHECK TWITTER and follow the #comfycon hastag.


Psst! Did you know you can use webcomictweets to do this? :)


Danielle says these things that I just copied due to laziness:

"Also, there is a strict zero pants rule, and that goes for anyone who, in spirit, is attending ComfyCon. Dress accordingly."


Here are the others you should follow!


Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak)

Anthony Clark (Nedroid)

Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingsots)

Bill Barnes (Unshelved, Not Invented Here)

Howard Taylor (Schlock Mercenary)

Randy Milholland (Something Positive)


You can check their websites (linked to their comic names) and Twitter feeds (linked to their name-names) all week while SDCC is going on, and you may just see a sale or a contest or a live drawing stream! Or just video of them in their underpants. Surprises abound at ComfyCon 2012."


Let's do this thang!


Here are some other things that happened during comfycon:

- Randy and Danielle's Kickoff Hangout:

- Randy's Solo Q&A:

- Randy's Comfycon Day 2: Comfy Harder

- Randy's Comfycon Day 3: Beards Gone Wild with Bill and Howard

- Randy and Danielle's Wind-Down:


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