Ask An Engineer - ROUNDUP

Jan 18, 2011

All of us have taken a well-deserved holiday break, but the engineers are now working away at our **1 year anniversary** edition of Ask an Engineer! I thought I'd take a moment to review the questions we've answered so far so you can check out any gems you might have missed.

What is Ask an Engineer?

Every month, we take a question from our readers. We have an amazing panel of engineers who provide the answers - from students to veterans, many different disciplines and literally from around the world!


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Why Engineering? February 2010

Paul asks: "How did you decide on Engineering? And what are some things to consider before throwing myself to the flame?"

What do Engineers Do Day-to-Day? March 2010

Joe asks: What does an engineer do day to day? Is it mostly calculating stuff or designing things or a lot time spent in the field with things like data gathering and measurements?

Engineering Commandments -  April 2010

Zroya asks: "What are your "Ten Commandments" of engineering? Infinite honorable mention positions are allowed. :-)"

What inspires you? May 2010

Neil asks: "Who (or what) inspires you as an engineer?"


Brittany asks: "I’m a MechE student, and I love it - even the homework that makes you stay up all night.  Unfortunately, I have despised the two engineering companies I've co-oped with.  I love school, but I hate the corporate environment.  Is there anywhere I can still be an engineer, but get out of the horrible cubiclefarms?"

What FRUSTRATES you? August 2010

Andrew asks: "What part of your job frustrates you the most?"

Fix the World! September 2010

Kayla asks: "If you--the major problem-solvers out there--could chose any major world problem to fix what would it be? You can choose anyone to work with, no time limits or budget constraints. Actual PLANS to fix these problems need not be included. I just want to know what you engineers think are the biggest and most worthwhile problems out there in the world that you'd like to wrangle if given free reign! :) "

Engineers vs. Technologists - the straight story - October 2010

Justin asks: "Have you worked with technologists and what do engineers think of technologists and their abilities?"

Getting through it all - November 2010

Jonathan asks: "Hi I’m a freshman engineering student wondering how many times you considered switching majors and/or tips on how to survive! Thanks in advance!"

Thanks again to our fantastic panel of engineers for their great answers to these questions. Remember - we need your help! If you've got a question, please send it along :) See you next month!