[art] - WT #366 is up!

May 12, 2008

WT #366 is up and I think I have the swing of things now ^_^ Hooray!

A problem I did encounter, however, in my efforts to get this comic together is that apparently my microns and markers are no longer friends. :/

Yuck! Thank goodness for photoshop :(

I've been noticing this problem ever since I switched to Bristol, but I thought it might have been that the ink was still a bit 'wet.' Well, I let the inks on this dry for a full 24 hours and clearly this is not fixed. It seems like while the Bristol is much better at holding the marker... the sketchbook paper was much better at gripping the inks :/

I think I'm going to swing by Opus and pick up some Zigs... or something. I love my Microns, I think I'm going to be hard pressed to find a suitable substitute. =_=

Oh well... enjoy the comic!