[art] - WT #348

Jan 2, 2008

... will be up laaaate late tonight. [edit] it's up! Sorry for the delay, have a bonus comic!

I'd like to thank everyone again for helping me fundraise for Christmas Presents with my commission drive. With the amount I got I was able to get good presents for all of my family, and even some for my friends!! I thought those who contributed might like to see some of the resulting smiling faces :)

For my father, I donated money to EWB, which he seemed to appreciate:

And for my mother, I donated to a charity that will send a goat to Nepal:

She got a kick out of that. (I drew the picture of the goat on the card, btw. It's nice to have something to hold when you're giving gifts.) Oh, I also donated a "pig sent to China" to my aunt and uncle, but forgot to take a picture :/

I also bought mom and dad a CD from "Across the Universe" to share (mom will get the MP3s for her new Nano, and dad will get the CD for his car), which they liked.

I got my little sister a cookbook I really enjoy and a good all-purpose knife (she just moved out of the dorms):

Hopefully she'll be able to subside on more than instant noodles!

For Trevor, I got two books: Rick Mercer's book and a book about skiing fitness. I also got him some other stuff for his birthday on January 3rd, but it's still secret :P

I bought my cousin this clock that I saw in a store. It kept me perplexed for hours and I knew a gadget-freak like him would like it, and he did. The photo doesn't do it justice, but basically, it changes its function and colour based on how it's placed on a table. I also gave one of these clocks to my friend.

With what remained in the budget, I was able to buy three 8*10 frames. I made some watercolour paintings to put in them and gave them to my grandmothers (because grandkids can totally get away with that kind of thing :P). Here is my mother's mother with the cardinal I painted:

My father's mother got a similar painting of a blue jay, but I forgot to take the picture. Trevor's mother will get a painting of her collie and horses, but don't tell her, ok?

So I think it was a very successful Christmas!! Thanks so much everyone, I would have gone much deeper into debt to achieve this without you all!