[art] - Snow Day

Nov 27, 2006

So, we had a snow day today in Vancouver. Those of you back east will undoubtedly chuckle at the idea, but I really enjoyed having the city blanketed with 30cm. I think that photography is all about opportunity, and I certainly saw an opportunity today! So I dragged Trevor outside and we explored our snowy city.

This is my favourite tree, a Japanese Maple that sits on a little rocky island in the middle of my courtyard. It looked so lovely in its new white blanket!

This is one of my favourite photos of the set, this man had a very confused looking little bulldog. It was probably the first time he'd seen snow! (the dog, not the man.)

Two more pics that I really like. The first of my favourite statue, I call it 'paperclip' but it's probably not called that. The second is of the ever-elusive Vancouver snowman! Very rare find, caught outside the Vancouver museum! (probably built by hippies).

Anyway, snow! Check out the rest of the pictures, if you are so inclined.

I also uploaded a bunch of industrial photography from the end of summer. I just never got around to uploading it! As many of you know, I worked at a foundry. I personally find foundries very photogenic, because they make a bunch of parts that look identical, but they end up all jumbled together in piles. I find the geometry rather exciting.

Those are there, too if you're interested!