[art] - Cloudscape on the Radios!

May 17, 2008

[update]: Actually this is MUCH more interesting... Two of my buds from Cloudscape somehow finagled their way onto the Inkstuds Radio Show! Inkstuds is a local radio show about comics... and you can download it as a podcast! They did this awhile ago but I was too busy/flaky to give it a listen until now. They did a really good job! And they made me sound pretty awesome hahaha

They also mention something interesting... Cloudscape is having a book launch at Sophia's on June 4th! I'll be there :D As will most of the very-talented Cloudscape artists. If you're local you should stop by!!


This is probably THE most amazing animation I have ever seen. 0_o

In other news, welcome QC readers :D!!