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Apr 16, 2009

Hey team, and welcome, GWS readers! Few things to mention today: including a new book,a review and Stumptown!

I had a guest strip up earlier this week over at the Girls With Slingshots site, thanks Danielle for posting it! You all should check out her strip, it's full of pretty ladies, sexy-times, and talking plants. My strip isn't there anymore, but you can find it here! (I'll archive it properly later)

I guess I should say something about conventions? ECCC was really fun! I got to meet many readers, hopefully made a few more friends, and people seem to be responding really well to Sketchbook 2009! It was worth the extra effort required to get it there in time. In a way I'm kind of sad that I got to see so many of the East Coast Peeps so soon after NEWW, because now I have to wait a really long time before I see many of them again. It would be better for all involved if such things were more spread out, methinks. I got to meet some comickers I'd been dying to shake hands with for a long time: Penny Arcade's Mike and Jerry and James Kochalka, the American Elf himself! I also got to spend some time enjoying Seattle proper, including a lovely dinner at the top of the Space Needle (Spice Noodle?) and some some partying down at a bar/arcade called Gameworks. (A Bar/Arcade!? I KNOW! That's what *I* said!)

Added a schwack of new comics to the links page and bought a ton of new webcomic books, but I'll have to save talkin' bout that for a future post 0_o

Speaking of books, I finally have the new Cloudscape book: Funday Sunnies! I'm really proud of it, it's big and bright, full colour, magazine-style. I have a one-page original comic featured in the zine, and a Wasted Talent! Which Wasted Talent? It's a suprise!) That should go up for sale online next week.

Whew! Oh wait, there's more! THIS WEEKEND if you are a Portland-type, you should come out to see me at STUMPTOWN! I'll be at table #43 or #44. Turn left at the entrance! I'm between the giant Cloudscape banner and the giant Camilla D'Ericco banner. A very awesome place to be! Jeff Smith will be there, and so will a thousand more amazing creators. Stumptown is one of my favourite shows of the year, I'm looking forward to it.

Last but not least, I've been REVIEWED! The folks over at Digital Strips were kind enough to read through my entire terrible archive and let the world know what they thought! What do you think, team, do you agree? Should I put a list version in the archives?

In case you missed, it a bit earlier I was also INTERVIEWED by Digital Strips! I got really nervous and said a bunch of really stupid things. Fear! Fear the sound of my grating voice :|

See you soon!